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Change GPS Location on Smartphone to Access the Content Not Allowed in Your Country – Faking GPS Location is Possible


Large number of apps are coming and making available on Play Store, only few apps manages enjoying the downloads in thousands and millions while users also leaving positive reviews for new comers. Addictive apps also starts trending on social media soon after its launch, it is very frustrating when you are unable to be downloading one of the trending apps because not available in your country. Though, APK file can be downloaded and installed on the Smartphone but there is another way to install unavailable apps. You can change your GPS location and set the fake location where it is allowed to be downloading that trending app from Play Store. Change GPS location involves few steps need to be taken explained below.

Let me tell you first before we start discussing steps involved, you can do several other things by faking GPS location.

What Can You Do After Changing GPS Location

Access contents of any kind either videos, articles or images having denied access in your country.

Fake your location on social media status and make contacts think you are in different location.

Avoid all ads which are your country specific.

To access all those apps which otherwise you are not allowed to in your country.

Now, let me get you started with explaining about how to change GPS location and it is made possible through an app. There are some apps available which change GPS location for you.

Apps to Fake GPS Location on Android

We can find several such apps on Android Store but here we recommend and present only apps for you which are great for faking GPS location.

  1. Fake GPS Location Spoofer

The good thing about “Fake GPS Location Spoofer” is easily lets you change GPS location. On its home page, you can see the map of your current location. You can also view the location in two modes which ever you choose first is Map and second is Satellite mode. You find the particular location on map by enters its name and once it is there, you need to be selecting it as your current location. Once you tap on the start button, it changes GPS location automatically.

Change GPS Location on Smartphone

  1. Fake GPS

“Fake GPS” features modern user interface unlike the previous app having pretty dated interface. There are various types of maps available in this app including Hybrid, Terrain, Satellite and Open Street Map. Specific location can be searched through entering the ZIP code. Besides this, It is having similar features like other apps uses for Changing GPS location.

Change GPS Location on Smartphone

Change GPS Location on Android

Following steps need to be taken after downloading and installing one of the above apps for changing GPS location.

  1. You need go to the Settings > About Phone where you can find the option of “Build Number” which needs to be tapped by 7 times. Once you have done this, you will have the message says “Congrats! You are developer now.”

Change GPS Location on Smartphone

  1. Go back to the Settings > Developer Options, on the scrolling down can see an option of “Select mock location app” which needs to be tapped.

Change GPS Location on Smartphone

  1. Now, you need to select the fake location app. Once you have done this, go to Settings > Location > Mode, here you need to select “Device Only” option which ensures that the GPS of your device actually determines the location.

Change GPS Location on Smartphone

  1. This is the last and important step in which you need to search for the location you want to fake it on your GPS, once you do and then hit play button.

Change GPS Location on Smartphone

You need to ensure that fake location has been enabled by the GPS which you can through checking on Google maps.

Source: techlegram.com