How to Transfer Contacts from Android to PC

Recently, we had to move my Android phone’s contacts to my PC to use them in some desktop apps. To my surprise, there is no one-click routine to do this. A hunt on Google only shows some apps that can do this for me for a fee, now because would we compensate for such a elementary task?

After loads of tinkering, we managed to find two not so complicating methods that concede we to send Android phone contacts to your PC in opposite formats for free. If we are also looking to transfer contacts from Android to your PC, afterwards check out a next dual methods.

Method 1: Using Google Contacts

You can move all your contacts to Google Contacts and download them to your PC from there. Although, we don’t have to go by a relocating routine if we already save your contacts to Google Contacts.

Import all your contacts to Google Contacts

First, let’s see how to import all your phone contacts to your Google account:

  1. Open a Contacts app on your phone and daub on a categorical menu symbol during a top-right corner. Select Import/Export choice here.
  2. Now name a plcae where all your contacts are saved and daub on Next.
  3. Afterward, name your Google comment and daub on Next again.

This will duplicate all your contacts to your Google account. You can repeat a routine in box we have contacts saved in both phone and SIM memory.

Download contacts from Google Contacts

Now open Google Contacts web interface on your PC and we will see all your contacts listed. Here click on More symbol during a tip and name Export option.

Important note

The new preview chronicle of Google Contacts doesn’t support a Export feature, so we am demonstrating on a aged chronicle of Google Contacts.

In box a trade underline doesn’t work for we as well, click on a Go to a aged version symbol during a bottom-left dilemma to entrance a comparison chronicle of Google contacts.

Two sections will open up. In a initial section, name The Groups and My Contacts. And in a second section, name a download record format.

The options embody CSV format for Google and Outlook, and a widely supposed vCard format. Make your choice and click on Export to download a contacts on your PC.

Method 2: Through VCF or .txt format

If we don’t wish to pierce your personal contacts to your Google comment or need a some-more tellurian entertaining format, afterwards there is an choice routine as well. You can convert your contacts to a mobile format, such as vCard or .txt format and pierce it to your PC.

To do this, we am going to use a app Contacts VCF. Simply install and launch a app and it will automatically save all your contacts in your phone’s inner storage in vCard format.

You can also modify contacts to a some-more elementary format, such as .txt or .html format. here’s how:

  1. Select a .vcf record in a app and daub on a categorical menu during a top-right corner.
  2. From a menu, we can possibly name Save as .txt or Save as web page to save it in a particular format.

To pierce a record to your PC, we can connect your phone to a PC regulating a information wire and copy/paste a file. Alternatively, we can send it to yourself around email and afterwards download on your PC.

The initial routine worked excellent for me as many of my information is already synced to my Google account, and carrying entrance to my contacts from anywhere is always a plus. Although if we need to imitation out your contacts or need a some-more tellurian entertaining format, afterwards regulating Contacts VCF app is a most improved option.

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