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2017: Racing Games, 3…2…1…. GO


Tearing around a sweet corner at high speed are some things skilled racers do all the time and racing video games have admited us to relish a workable simulacrum of a similar. And 2017 has no shortage of games that allow us live out that fantasy. Let’s take a goose at them currently, beginning with.

Wreckfest: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Wreck fest is a combat racer presently on Steam early access, most likely better known as its original crowdfunding title, Next car Game. the game itself takes hints from the legendary FlatOut series, with a similar developers as FlatOut. Wreckfest’s main marketing points are in-depth vehicle upgrading, refined driving dynamics and harm modelling.

BeamNG: PC

Abundant a driving sim than a straight up racer, BeamNG.drive aims for the hardcore physics primarily based simulation akin to say, a truck machine. while there’s positively an viewer for this, it’s conjointly drawn attention from the movie industry which has taken to use it to thoroughly model stunts and crashes in simulation before letting an actual stunt take place.

2017 Need for Speed: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The follow up to want for Speed Rivals from a few years past, we know little of this game aside from a attainable 2017 declaration date. therefore our greatest guess is that it will take after its predecessor and target the multiplayer and high notch production values with its elaborate depiction of tracks and cars.

FlatOut: PC, PS4, Xbox One

FlatOut has been a concept to several gamers and game designers as seen in the entries on top of. Well, the franchise itself is undergoing a revival with the fourth entry coming out this year. Fans can look forward to classic game-play, updated for modern sensibilities and newcomers can experience an updated classic.

F1 2017: PC

F1 2017 is another installment of the favored formula one sampler series from Code-masters software. the game introduces several changes and upgradations in comparative to the previous installment of the series. Now, career is much additional advanced and, multiplayer received some enhancements. we’ll conjointly realize a totally new Championship Mode mode in F1 2017. we currently even have the opportunity to drive classic F1 cars, just like the ones driven by Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari 2002), or by Ayrton senna and Alain Prost (1988 McLaren MP4/4). As usual, the latest installment of the series has reformed visuals.

Project CARS 2 for PC / Windows

A sequel to the well-turned racing game illumined in 2015 and developed by Slightly Mad Studios (the creators of want for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed). Since the game was partially supported on the globe of Mass Development platform, players themselves were allowed to be a part of the development method. equally as in case of the primary installment of the series, it’s a sensible racing simulator. Less versed players can modify various handicaps and assists to create the game less realistic. Project CARS 2 contains rather more locations than its predecessor. There are more than two hundred tracks to ride on by using various cars divided into 40 categories. the looks and technical parameters of cars can be freely changed. The races take place in numerous single and multiplayer modes. the basic game mode is the single player campaign which can be played in cooperation with another player. Project CARS two conjointly options on-line challenges and rankings.

Gran Turismo 7: PS4

Gran Turismo 7 is the 1st installment of the incredibly well-known series of racing simulators to be designed with the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 4 structure in mind. polyphony Digital, LED by Kazunori Yamauchi, is the studio responsible for developing the assembly.

In kind to the previous titles of the cycle, the players can check their racing skills by driving one of the numerous available vehicles, ranging from ordinary traveler cars to legendary racing machines. The creators have ready a varied set of tracks, which includes each closed routes and public areas.