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Final Fantasy 15 – Red frog and Yellow frog locations (The Professor’s Protege)

The Professor’s Protege – Red Frog locations

Quest giver: Chapter 3, chat to Sania in corner of parking lot in Coernix Station – Alstor (north east Duscae)
Reward: 3000 EXP and Star Pendant

Head south of the outpost – having a Chocobo here would save you a bit of time – and head down the east side of the lake in the middle of Duscae to the waypoint, where you’re instructed to find five red frogs. They are found in the following locations:

1. Next to the giant rock and bushes, just as you enter the waypoint:

Red frog 1 location

2. On top of the central rock formation:


Red frog 2 location

3. On the outside northern edge, in the water:


Red frog 3 location

4. and 5. These are close to one another – in the south of the waypoint, to the west and south of the elevated ledge with the large rock on it:

Red frog 4 location


Red frog 5 location

Once done, back to Sania to get your rewards, and unlock the next part of the quest line, ‘The Professor’s Protege – Yellow Frogs’.

The Professor’s Protege – Yellow Frog locations

Quest giver: Complete ‘The Professor’s Protege’, then head to the Cauthess Rest Area in south Duscae. On the balcony of the two story building next to the diner is Sania.
Reward: 4000 EXP, Rainbow Pendant

Go to the designated location to the east of Duscae – it’s past a crater, across a road and east of a fence, which you can get around by going south – to arrive at a small lake with a ruin and a fishing spot.

The frogs you are looking for all surround the lake in the following locations, going clockwise when approaching from the south.

1. On the southern edge, between the two fences and a rock by the shore:


Yellow frog 1 location

2. At the northern-most tip, it’s at the corner of the fence, just to the west of the fishing spot:


Yellow frog 2 location

3. On the northern-side, go east of the jetty, up the rock ledge and it’s next to a tree. Be sure to collect the Megalixir very close by the rocks, too!


Yellow frog 3 location

4. To the south east side, find the large rock right by the water, with the small green ledges next to it. The frog is at the base of those:


Yellow frog 4 location

5. On the south side, east of where the water is at its most southern point, there is a rock formation next to a tree. The frog is at the base of the rocks:


Yellow frog 5 location

Once finished, back to Sania to get your rewards, and unlock the next part of the quest line. The next part is ‘The Professor’s Protege – Gigantoad’, which we’ll be updating this page with very soon.



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